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DCD-1510AE jaehind koos käibemaksuga 14 990.-
jaehind koos käibemaksuga 14 990.-
jaehind koos käibemaksuga 3 890.-

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Rich sound from various sources thanks to unique Denon technologies
Denon completes their new stereo line-up with high-performance
PMA-1510AE and DCD-1510AE stereo combination

March 18th, 2010 – Denon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality home
entertainment products, today revealed two high-performance stereo components to
meet the demands of the most challenging enthusiasts. With a tradition of 100 years in
refining the listeners’ audio experience, Denon again achieved to combine their tradition
with the latest playback technologies. The PMA-1510AE integrated amplifier features a
newly developed construction with strictly selected parts for high sound quality. Its fellow
CD/Super Audio CD player DCD-1510AE is endowed with unique technologies to ensure
that the sound of various sources is played more faithfully than ever to the original
recording. Both newcomers complete Denon’s new award-winning Advanced Evolution
stereo series and will be available in late April.

Integrated amplifier PMA-1510AE

The PMA-1510AE is endowed with a renowned Denon tradition: the simple & straight
UHC (Ultra High Current)-MOS single push-pull amplifier circuit. This technology
eliminates deviations in the amplification stage and reproduces the full sonic range from
soft delicate details to powerful transparent climaxes of a musical performance. Amplifier
construction, the foundation of expressive sound, has also been redesigned to place
greater emphasis on low specific gravity and more direct grounding. Rich musical
expression in a class of its own is achieved with the same large, 27-mm motor-driven
volume control that is used on the higher-class PMA-2010AE recently introduced. The
PMA-1510AE inherited further unique technologies from its bigger brother like the
leakage-cancelling-mounted twin transformers to minimize the leaking of magnetic flux
that could degrade the sound quality. Moreover, the newcomer is equipped with a power
amp direct mode to deliver a high-performance stereo sound in a custom AV system by
using only the output stages of the PMA-1510AE. In addition, the very low standby power
consumption of about 0.1W together with an ECO mode with automatic shutdown while
inactive minimizes the impact on our environment.

CD/Super Audio CD player DCD-1510AE

The DCD-1510AE as well features many technologies used in the higher-class DCD-
2010AE at a lower price-point. It comes with Denon’s unique Advanced AL32 Processing
and high-grade 32-Bit/192 kHz DA converters guaranteeing highest detail level at all
volumes more faithful to the original recording. To deliver unparalleled playback quality
and read accuracy of all supported discs (including Super Audio CD) the DCD-1510AE is
equipped with an improved Denon S.V.H. (Suppress Vibration Hybrid) drive mechanism.
The new highly accurate master clock minimizes jitter as well as noise effects and
achieves a clear sound image.
In addition to supporting CDs, Super Audio CDs and CD-R/RW (MP3, WMA files), the
DCD-1510AE has a front-USB port for connecting iPod/iPhone or USB memory and
playing music files from those devices digitally. When these digital signals are played back
through the DCD’s audio circuit, listeners will enjoy the music with a rich ambiance not
possible from the devices on their own. The DCD-1510AE of course features the same
eco-friendly technologies like the PMA-1510AE.
Both components come with a newly developed remote controller that was modified to
include all the functions needed for comfortable USB/iPod playback. This new stereo duo
marks another pinnacle of musical expression, a continuous approach for which Denon is
renowned since 100 years. The PMA-1510AE and DCD-1510AE will be available in
premium silver and black colour from April on at a suggested retail price of EUR 999,- for
each component.
Due to continuous consumer demand, Denon will also release a new FM/AM tuner called
TU-1510AE (SRP: EUR 249,-) that perfectly adds to the amplifiers and CD players of the
whole new stereo series.

– UHC-MOS Single Push-Pull-Circuit for balancing details and power
– Independent preamp and output stage power supplies, plus powerful high current
dynamic power circuit
– Precision Direct Mechanical Ground Construction to thoroughly suppress vibration
– Twin transformers with leakage-cancelling-mount
– Minimum signal path to protect signal purity
– Large, high-grade 27mm volume potentiometer
– High-performance phono equaliser (MM/MC)
– Machined gold-plated pin jacks
– Low standby power consumption (below 0,1 Watts)
– Available in premium silver and black
– Advanced AL32 Processor, technology for high sound quality
– DAC master clock design
– High-precision 32-bit, 192-kHz D/A converters
– Complete separation of digital and analogue power supplies
– Minimum signal paths, to protect signal purity
– Direct Mechanical Ground Construction, to thoroughly suppress vibration
– Optical and coaxial digital inputs
– USB port featuring iPod/iPhone Direct Connection
– Parts strictly selected for high sound quality
– Low standby power consumption (below 0,1 Watts)
– Available in premium silver and black